Services provided by GIZELIS ROBOTICS represent a guarantee for any industrial unit, since they assist in not only overcoming market-specific challenges, but also in becoming an industry pioneer in terms of production capability. The services offered include the following:

  •     Study: It refers to identifying a system that meets in the best possible way a particular requirement, and its individual components.
  •     Mechanical engineering design:  Design and manufacturing of special parts depending on usage requirements, and selection of proper system components and their customization.
  •     Electrical engineering design:  Binding electrical engineering study and selection of proper materials for successful implementation.
  •     Programming: System programming (robot, PLC, screens etc) and provision of application-specific software enabling easy programming by the client.
  •     Installation: Robotic systems are installed at client premises and commissioned according to requirements previously agreed.
  •     System evolution: Further evolution of systems installed by GIZELIS ROBOTICS or older systems in need of optimization is provided for. This includes re-programming, component replacement, improvements in mechanical and electrical equipment etc. GIZELIS ROBOTICS, thanks to its greatly experienced engineers, may also cater for robots of other manufacturers, such as Fanuc.
  •     Service: Maintenance (preventive or extraordinary) of all robotic systems and peripherals is provided for.
  •     Training: Seminars that have to do with basic robot control up to advanced programming are offered.